Purple Day Passes Its Third Reading!

February 5th, 2012 · No Comments

A further update from our friends at the Facebook page for the Purple Day Campaign:

“Bill c-278 – Purple Day Act will now go back to the standing committee for changes as the title of the bill in French needs to be changed to Journee Lavande. All Members Of the House of Commons were in favour of this bill today. We are not sure when the final reading will take place in the House of Commons yet. When we know the date , we post it so you can once again ask Federal Polticians in Canada for their support. The Purple Day team would like to thank people for sharing and contacting Federal Canadian Political representatives to support this bill. The work we do together is what helps bring awareness on behalf of those living with epilepsy world wide.”

This is excellent news and should give us all in the epilepsy community cause for celebration! Purple Day is very close to be recognized as an official awareness day by federal law! I want to thank everyone out there who helped make this happen by contacting your Federal Members of Parliament (MPs) and getting their support. Keep up the good work!


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Purple Day Act’s Third Reading in the House of Commons!

January 25th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Our friends at the Purple Day Campaign have released the following update via their Facebook page:

“Canada: Bill C-278 the Purple Day Act will be debated in the House of Commons again on Feb. 3, 2012. Please contact your Canadian Federal Member of Parliament and ask them to vote in favour of this bill on Feb 3rd. If this is passed it will mean that March 26th will be officially recognized as a day for Epilepsy Awareness in Canada.
Thanks the Purple Day Team”

Get out there and contact your federal Member of Parliament (MP)! Call, write, email, do whatever you can to solicit their support for the Purple Day Act! Feb. 3, 2012 is not far away!

We here at SECA have even created a nice letter you can use to contact your MP or use as a script (located here). Together lets make Cassidy’s dream of Purple Day a reality in Canada!


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