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To all our friends in cyberspace:

What follows after this text is a general form letter to your Member of Parliament (MP; federal level politician) which asks for their support for Private Members Bill C-278, the Purple Day Act. If the Purple Day Act is passed in the House of Commons, it will become law and will have the Government of Canada recognize every March 26 as Purple Day.

I urge you to fill in the particular details in this letter which relate to you, your area and your MP (represented in the letter by the bolded parts). Then send your letter to your MP or get in touch with them, and ask for their support for the Purple Day Act. Together, we can make Purple Day a reality!




Dear [representative name],

I am a constituent of yours and I am writing to discuss an issue of great concern to me. It has come to my attention that a colleague of yours, the Honourable Geoff Regan of the Liberal Party of Canada, has put forth a bill in the Canadian House of Commons that forwards epilepsy awareness. The bill is Bill C-278, known as the Purple Day Act. The intention of the bill is to officially proclaim March 26 of each year in Canada as Purple Day, a day meant to increase public awareness of the neurological disorder known as epilepsy. In order to further improve the lives of those living with epilepsy and their families, I urge you to support Bill C-278’s passage into law.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder, and the second most common neurological problem overall. Epilepsy is characterized by numerous seizures and particularly affects the very young (under 10 years) and very old (65 years and older). At any given time throughout the world epilepsy affects about 1% of the population, meaning that 300,000 Canadians are affected by the disorder. For people with epilepsy, it means years of struggling with expectations of life, medication quantities and types, intense emotional and social issues and employment prospects.

Purple Day was started in 2008 by a nine year-old girl named Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia. She extended a challenge to the people of the world to stand up and show their support for those living with this life-altering neurological disorder. Not only has she garnered the support of many politicians, celebrities, businesses and schools, but their efforts have helped Purple Day become an internationally recognized event. I urge you to pledge your support to Cassidy’s cause as well.

For more information, please visit or feel free to contact either [regional epilepsy office], Epilepsy Canada or the Canadian League Against Epilepsy (CLAE). If you wish to speak to me further, I can be reached at [insert contact number or email].

Thank you for your time.


[Your name]
[Your address]

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