Helpful Links

Accessibility Services at University of Toronto
Canadian Epilepsy Alliance
Canadian League Against Epilepsy
Epilepsy in a Nutshell Blog
Epilepsy Ontario
Epilepsy Toronto
My Epilepsy Diary
National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC)
Purple Day Initiative
The Hospital for Sick Children: About Kids Health – Epilepsy

Family Advocacy Websites:

The Child Advocacy Project:
The Child Advocacy Project is dedicated to enhancing access to justice for children by providing free legal services to low income families who cannot afford a lawyer. Volunteer lawyers provide assistance on legal issues that impact upon the health and wellbeing of children and youth.
The CAP Education Law Program helps safeguard the public education rights of children and youth across Ontario and ensure due process in education legal matters.
The CAP Family Legal Health Program is located at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and provides help to patients and families with legal problems.

Family Alliance Ontario:
Family Alliance Ontario is an alliance of citizens that offers knowledge, tools and networking opportunities to individuals with disabilities and their families to assist them to realize a vision that includes having valued relationships, choice and control in their lives, and enables inclusion through meaningful contribution and participation in their communities.

Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario:
The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario is made up of varied members who are working together to move individualized funding forward in Ontario, supporting the self-determination of persons with disabilities. Ontario must develop a system of funding whereby the person requiring assistance, supported as appropriate by family and/or significant others, has access to and control over the funds allocated for his/her supports.

Ombudsman Ontario:
The Ombudsman’s job is to ensure government accountability through effective oversight of the administration of government services.

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