OHTAC Recommendation

November 17, 2011 · 6 Comments

There is an important chance for better epilepsy care in Ontario , and I am writing to ask your help and support. We have been lobbying for improved epilepsy care for years. Now it seems that it may be within our grasp.

A high-powered clinical committee, headed by Carter Snead, has been negotiating with OHTAC, the Ontario Health Technology Committee. OHTAC has prepared a recommendation to the Provincial Government for a comprehensive new program of Care for Drug-Refractory Epilepsy in Ontario .

The new program would include: 1) regional epilepsy centres for clinical care; 2) the development of provincial guidelines for epilepsy care; 3) enhanced training of epilepsy clinicians, including neurologists, surgeons, dieticians, EEG technologists, neuropsychologists and social workers; 4) telemedicine for centres in the North; 5) “wait time” standards for access to care and tests; 6) a provincial data base; and 7) an expert advisory panel, which would include both clinicians and representatives of not-for-profit epilepsy advocacy groups.

The OHTAC document has been posted and OHTAC has asked for public comment, which can be submitted to their website: OHTACinfo@hqontario.ca. (Deadline, November 30). It is important that we provide that comment. The proposal may stand or fall on the basis of public input.

The complete Recommendation can be accessed at:

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